About Me

By trade I’m an engineer.  By training I’m a minister.  By sheer will I’m a writer.  I have no formal education or employment in writing or journalism or any such related field, so if you’re looking for credentials you’ll find none here.  What I do know, what I’ve always known, is that writing has always been inside of me, but I’ve never taken the time to intentionally cultivate it until now.  So my intent for this site is two-fold: to share with you the thoughts and studies that God has shared with me, and to express them in a way that sharpens a skill I have long neglected.  I may never be a published author or produce a best-selling novel, but I have to write.  So in a very real sense, you are an important part of my little experiment, so thank you for participating!  If you’re looking for transparency, you’ll find plenty of that here.

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